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    The Use Of Special Steel

    Steel is also called special steel or special steel, and specifically refers to products that have special physical and chemical properties or special-purpose steel due to the special conditions of composition, structure, and production process.


    Compared with ordinary steel, the production technology of special steel products is more complex and the technical level is more demanding, and the scale of production is more intensive.


    Stainless steel is a type of special steel, which refers to steel that resists corrosion of the atmosphere, acids, alkalis, and salts. Usually, stainless refers to anti-corrosion, which is caused by the addition of chromium to the steel matrix. , And by adding nickel, molybdenum, etc. to further improve the corrosion resistance and improve the processing performance.


    Stainless steel has heat resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and good processing performance. It is exquisitely processed and can be recycled. It has been widely used in the industrial and civil fields.

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