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    Stainless Steel Weight Calculation

    The surface of the stainless steel is smooth and flat, which can withstand the general corrosion ability. The applied material has strong anti-sensitization and will not rust and corrode due to temperature difference under high and low temperatures. In accordance with its regulations, the standard method for the calculation of stainless steel plates, including the common grades specified in stainless steel hot-rolled steel plates and stainless steel cold-rolled steel plates, is the standard. For varieties other than the specified brands, due to different composition and density, they should be calculated separately as basic units.


    1. The weight of stainless steel plate is calculated by nominal size. If the allowable deviation of thickness is defined as positive or negative deviation, the sum of the upper and lower limits of the deviation plus the nominal size shall be calculated.


    2. the basic weight of stainless steel plate refers to a thickness of 1mm, an area of ​​1m2 weight.


    3. The unit weight (kg/m2) refers to the weight of the steel plate area of ​​1m2, which is the basic weight multiplied by the thickness (mm) of the steel plate, and the repair is about 4 significant figures.


    4. a steel plate weight is the unit weight multiplied by the area (m2), the area should be about 4 significant figures, the weight of a plate should be about 3 significant figures, such as a piece of more than 1000kg, should be repaired Kg integer.


    5. the total weight is the weight of a steel plate multiplied by the same number, size of the total number of sheets, and repair about kg integer.


    The formula for stainless steel plate is: weight (kg) = thickness (mm) * width (m) * length (m) * density value

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