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    Color Stainless Steel Plate Features

    Color stainless steel slabs are not color coated steel sheets and have no coating on the surface. Non-toxic. It forms a transparent oxide film on the surface of the silver-white stainless steel and forms different colors through the interference of the oxide film.
    When the weather changes (air humidity changes), the surface oxide film also changes, and the color changes accordingly. Therefore, the color is magical. However, each thickness of the oxide film corresponds to a basic color. When the moisture on the surface film is removed, the oxide film recovers and the color returns to the original color.
    Due to its decorative effect and corrosion resistance, this product is far superior to ordinary stainless steel. Its abrasion resistance, resistance to scoring, and scrub resistance are also strong. Other aspects of workability and performance are the same as for ordinary stainless steel. As a result, it will become an alternative to ordinary stainless steel products and enter all industries that use stainless steel.
    1. Simulate GB4334.1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)-84, GB4334.5-90, GB5776-86, GBl0124-88, GBl0125-88, and 10% FeCl3 solution currently accelerating raw materials Corrosion of stainless steel and colored stainless steel slabs. As a result, its corrosion resistance is much higher than that of the same raw material stainless steel.
    2. Heat resistance: immersion in boiling water for 28 days; exposure at 200 ° C for five weeks: long-term exposure below 250 ° C: heating to 400 ° C, the film color did not change significantly.
    3. Abrasion resistance and scratch resistance: can withstand a pressure of 500g / cm2, rubber friction does not exceed 20,000 times, 300g steel needle is not scratched. 4. Processing performance: It can withstand conventional molding processing, deep drawing, bending processing and work hardening. After 180 °C bending test and 8mm cupping test, the oxide film is intact.
    4. Scrub resistance: If the surface of the product is dirty, it can be washed with any organic solvent, neutral and water.
    5. Anti-fouling: After the surface is stained, it can be restored after cleaning.
    6. Finish: up to 8k mirror finish.
    7. Welding performance: Various welding can be performed, such as arc welding and spot welding.
    8. Anti-aging performance: exposed to rain in the sun, the atmosphere, long time without aging. Whether it is placed in the factory's chemical atmosphere, kitchen fume atmosphere, or mountain humid air, seaside marine climate, its anti-aging performance is better than ordinary stainless steel. This performance is also much better than organic coated steel sheets.

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