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Stainless steel futures rose

 The futures market picked up properly, stainless steel is associated with a bright red; steel mills have announced production cuts, the results just need to wait to see; the market is not salty and not light, no one will accompany you to continue falling prices; today's material does not rise nor fall, What will be the price of stainless steel after the festival? Please make full use of your imagination!

      Following the previous day, Chengde and Huale 201/304 hot-rolled materials have risen by RMB 200/t, other steel mills or spot transactions have not continued to follow. Market participants are afraid that blind follow-up will be planted and individual steel mills will continue to run downhill. The reason for the goods. Although the market did not look back as a whole, some friends who are optimistic about the market outlook have shot.
Futures temporarily rose across the board. Prices of domestic nickel-iron and nickel ore and ferrous nickel in the Philippines fell moderately. The factors favoring bad positions differed from each other. The market conditions are still not clear enough. The main reason is that the amount of supply in the upper and middle reaches can be reduced. Whether the middle and lower reaches can restore confidence and increase stocks appropriately.
      The market will not necessarily be as easy as we think. It is not easy to rise, but it will not drop much. If the nickel price can continue to rise, the market will have hope; if steel mills reduce production in the second half of May, which will affect the market, there is hope for a small rise in price; the upstream will never lack production, and the downstream market will never be short. Market transactions are mainly affected by the change of mind and emotions of most people. After all, most of them have become accustomed to buying and not buying.
      Futures have risen, raw materials have fallen, steel mills have been decrementing, and the market has not yet been affected. The market may fluctuate, and the number may fall or rise. The future may not be the same as you hoped. What is the post-holiday price? Raise or drop, please make full use of their imagination!

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