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Q235 stainless steel coil specifications

In terms of stainless steel coils, the downside of cost narrowed, but supply increased in the second quarter.


According to estimates, production in the first quarter fell on a month-on-month basis, lagging behind the annual production target. With the end of the weather disturbance factor, the four major mines may accelerate the production schedule. It is expected that the stainless steel coil will increase by about 30 million tons in the second quarter.


From the perspective of seasonal shipments, Australia and Brazil are also at historically high levels. The available inventory of steel mills has risen to the safe range due to higher demand in the previous period.


From the perspective of terminal demand, the Shanghai line snail procurement reached a year-on-year high of 44,231 tons. The sales of stainless steel coils announced by MYSTEEL also surged to historical highs, with an average weekly turnover of 237,679 tons, which has recently begun to fall.


From the point of view of time, there is a significant lag in the demand launch this year. On the one hand, this year's Spring Festival is relatively late. On the other hand, the wages and working environment requirements of migrant workers have improved, and the enthusiasm for rework has weakened compared with previous years.


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