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Stainless steel corrosion pattern plate

Stainless steel etched sheets, also known as stainless steel etched slabs, are also one of the stainless steel slabs, but unlike other stainless steel fascias, such as "What is a stainless steel blasting board?" Stainless steel blasting board process.


The stainless steel etched plate is etched onto the surface of the stainless steel plate by chemical spraying or soaking, and various patterns are etched with an 8K mirror panel, an ultra-fine grinding mirror panel (for high requirements), a drawing board, a sandblasting board, and a bottom of the stencil. After cleaning, the surface is treated again so that various patterns of light and dark appear, and the surface has a high-definition effect.


The finished product is etched and the surface can be coated with various colors according to the customer's favorite style. It can be a single color or a two-color (ie, the etched portion and the protective portion are made in different colors), such as gold, rose gold, champagne gold, brown, brown, bronze, purple gold, black, sapphire blue, and the like. Beautiful colors, etched lines and bumps have a great effect on your decoration.

Common thickness and specifications of stainless steel etched plates:


0.3-3.0mm (the thinnest can be 0.3mm, the thickness is 3.0mm), 1000*2000, 1219*2438, 1219*3048, 1500*3000; can also be customized according to customer requirements. The company introduced foreign advanced technology and took the lead in adopting photosensitive etching technology. The corrosion depth is 50C, the line width is 1mm without burr, and the lines are smooth and clear. Customers use elevator decoration, metal casing, subway engineering, hotel KTV and other renovations.


Stainless steel etched plate process:


Stainless steel plate surface cleaning - spraying photosensitive ink - drying - covering film exposure - cleaning unexposed ink - etching - cleaning - ink removal - cleaning - drying - quality inspection - film packaging.


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