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General stainless steel corrosion-resistant pumps have a useful life. Stainless steel corrosion-resistant pumps have a long life, but manufacturers rarely advertise their customers at the time of purchase.


The pump equipment is in constant operation, the friction between the impeller and the water, the cavitation generated by the pump, and constantly exerting pressure and erosion on the overcurrent portion of the pump body.


The vibration of the motor and the influence of the audio for a long time, the corrosion of the iron surface by the atmosphere, as the assembly gap increases, the power consumption of the motor increases, which is why we can consider repurchasing a new pump. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone:


1. The service life of the centrifugal pump is generally five to seven years. The mechanical seal can be replaced in one or two years. Specifically, the frequency of use is recommended. It is recommended that the impeller of the pipeline pump be replaced once every five years. If there is a very strong friction sound in the motor, At this time, the bearing can be replaced, the pump can be disassembled, and the bearing can be taken out to see the model above.


2, cleaning the centrifugal pump is a high-pressure pump, the flow rate is low, its age is four to five years, the pump components with the impact of cavitation is greater, the rubber seal inside the inside has to be replaced with the pressure drop, hard plastic The life span of the hitter is three months to five months, the connecting rod shaft is one year, and the motor is five years.


 3, stainless steel corrosion-resistant pump multi-stage centrifugal pump flow is small to large, a variety of models of a pump, head from more than 20 meters to more than 300 meters, motor from 1.1 kilowatts to 160 kilowatts, multi-stage pump life of 5 to 8 years, The main wearing parts are plum blossom pad and mechanical seal. The damage of the plum blossom pad can be seen. The mechanical seal will wear out. The other multi-stage centrifugal pump is sealed with packing packing. The screw can be used to control the water output and seal every minute. Drip is preferred.


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