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Aluminium strip

Aluminum strip is the raw material of aluminum or aluminum alloy casting aluminum coil, aluminum hot-rolled coil, cold-rolled rolling machine for different thickness and width of the sheet aluminum coil, and then depending on the use, by slitting longitudinal cutting of aluminum of different widths.
Commonly used aluminum alloy grades are 1050,1060,1070,1100,3003,3004,5005,5052,8011 like. Common states are O and H state and other states. O represents the soft state, H represents a hard state. O and H can be followed by numbers indicate the degree of soft and hard, and the degree of annealing.
Aluminum specific uses are: aluminum transformer (transformer aluminum foil), high-frequency welding aluminum with a hollow aluminum fin radiator with aluminum, aluminum cable, punched with aluminum, aluminum trim with aluminum and the like.
1060 corrosion resistance and formability requirements are high occasion, but ask for strength, chemical equipment is its typical use
1100 for processing need to have good formability and high corrosion resistance but do not require high strength parts and components, such as chemical products, food industry equipment and storage containers, sheet metal parts, deep drawing or spinning hollowware, welding parts, heat exchangers, printing plates, nameplates, reflective devices
3004 sheet, plate, drawing tube. Just squeeze tube for aluminum cans cans, requiring higher than the 3003 alloy parts, chemical products and storage equipment, sheet metal parts, building baffles, cable ducts, sewers, all kinds of lighting components.
3003 board strip. Foil. Plate, drawing tube. Squeeze tubes. type. Baton. Wire. Cold bar, cold wire, rivets, wire, forgings, foil, heat sink material is mainly used for processing the need for good formability, high corrosion resistance, good weldability, or parts, or both of these performance requirements of there is a need more than 1 *** alloy high strength of the workpiece, such as transport liquid tank and tanks, pressure tanks, storage devices, heat exchangers, chemical equipment, aircraft fuel tanks, oil tube, reflectors, kitchen equipment, washing machine cylinder body, rivets, welding wire.
5052 This alloy has good forming properties, corrosion resistance, can be candles, fatigue strength and static strength medium, for the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks, fuel lines, and transportation vehicles, ship sheet metal parts, instruments, lights bracket and rivets , metal products.

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